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What does it mean to be a gangster for you? You have a chance to feel it and to force the city work for you.Welcome to the crazy city of criminals! However, there still remain good citizens, but we do not like that? From the first day of life here, someone constantly make our way harder. Choose who you are: a wolf or a sheep? It’s time to pick up any weapon, what your heart desires, and to get even with all the scum, punching his way to the top.Dirty cops, drug dealers, mafia, street gangs – no one has power on you! Sooner or later there will be only one player on this crazy scene …Game features- Big open world- Perfect graphics- Well-configured character controlsDifferent car types: from sport cars to classics Car dealer, you can buy any car you wantBuying cars is for noobs? Take them any way you want itTake part in races, driving different carsSpecial for shooting fans:A wide variety of weapons from pistols to RPGThe police certainly not intrusive, but if you make them angry, they become real beasts. Test your strength in this unequal fight!Lots of different missions, where it is necessary to measure the force with all kinds of villains Well, if you absolutely crazy, the combat helicopter of the US Army and a tank at your serviceDo you like an interesting story, and plot? Excellent!Masterpiece storyline about a young gangsterIntricate plotLots of characters that will remain forever in your heartsEverywhere there is humor supplementing constantly tense atmosphereToday you will be imbued with a young man life, who is tired of poverty and abuses on the part of criminals. In one remarkable day he just picked up the gun and shot his longtime friend who betrayed him. But, as often happens, everything did not end there, because unlike the police – street gangs were much attentive and now you are forced to carry out their orders, in order not to fall behind bars. On whether it long enough and as soon as young man does decide again to use the force to change the course of events? Only you can find out.
*space*= jump*E*=sit or exit car*WASD*= move or drive*P*= pause*shift*= rear mirror*V*= switch car camera*U*= open parachute

Game Instructions

*space*= jump*E*=sit or exit car*WASD*= move or drive*P*= pause*shift*= rear mirror*V*= switch car camera*U*= open parachute

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