Jenni R – October 21st, 2015

Many people have come to know Jenni Rodriguez over the past few months – she’s the self proclaimed Number 1 Fan of #AllRedEverything Eva Marie. Attending as many Florida house shows and NXT TV Tapings as she can, Jenni admits that Eva is her life.
At the October 21st taping, Jenni went one step further, showing up to the TV Taping with her very own #AllRedEverything ring gear and entrance robe:

After the taping ended, Jenni caught up with Eva to take some photos. Eva thanked Jenni for all she had done as a fan, and said she loved Jenni’s ring gear. She asked Jonathan to take some pictures of her and Jenni, and even said she tells everyone that Jenni is her daughter!

Jenni even managed to get a signed picture of our site, with Eva certifying us as the #1 source for her fans.

We would like to thank Jenni for contributing her pictures and story, as well as always supporting our site and Eva herself. The #RedNation grows stronger everyday!