Total Divas Recap – Season Four: Episode #5 (Tea Mode)


Eva is back in California, training harder than ever. This has left her with bruises all over her body, but Eva takes pride in them, calling them her war wounds. She has a photo shoot in California, experimenting with white body paint, and she also takes some photos of her war wounds to remember how hard she worked to achieve her dreams.
She posts the photoshoot picture of her bruises on Instagram, but people assume she is being abused by Jonathan. She and Jonathan laugh it off and go to dinner. At dinner, Eva goes to the ladies room, but is taken aside by a woman in the bathroom, who says that she has options if she is abused. Eva leaves, confused. She tells Jonathan the woman believed Eva was abused. The two of them laugh and Jonathan says if anything, it’d be Eva beating him up – after all, she does it for a living.

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WWE NXT Results: July 22nd, 2015


We head backstage to Eva Marie who is all dressed up for her NXT debut tonight. Eva thanks William Regal for giving her the opportunity, and claims that she’s spent the last several months putting in her “blood, sweat and tears” training in the ring.
Eva Marie vs. Cassie
Eva has new ring gear and a red robe. Cassie gets a few shots in out of the corner, but Eva takes her down with a suplex. She goes into a seated abdominal stretch. A few people break out an “Eva” chant as Eva hits a corner elbow, a big boot and a senton for a close two count. Cassie rebounds with a bunch of impressive looking kicks. Eva regains control and throws her into the second rope, then hits Sliced Bread #2 for the victory.
Winner: Eva Marie