WWE NXT Results: November 4th, 2015


We’re back in the arena and Eva Marie’s music hits. The commentary team note that she’s back from her vacation in Paris, as she makes her entrance. Her opponent tonight is NXT’s newest Diva Marley.
Eva Marie vs. Marley
The two lock up, and Eva takes Marley over, taunting the crowd. She flips her hair in Marley’s face, so Marley pushes Eva over. Eva runs for Marley but Marley hits a bridging evasion, then a sit out hip toss. Eva takes advantage, working over Marley’s arm on the ropes. Eva hits a snap suplex and floats over for a two count.
Eva locks in an armbar, but Marley fights back with an enziguiri. Marley hits a set of dropkicks, and a falling DDT. Eva takes some time in the corner, and Marley runs for her, but Eva hits Marley with a big boot. Eva measures Marley, and runs, hitting a flatliner to the kneeling Marley. She pins, for the 1 2 3.
Winner: Eva Marie
Eva celebrates her win, taunting the fans, going up on the ropes, telling the fans she wants the NXT Women’s Title.


WWE NXT Results: October 28th, 2015

For the third week running, we have a video of Eva Marie in Paris, outside Moulin Rouge. She greets the NXT Universe and says her trip in Paris is winding down. She misses the NXT Universe so much, and she really hopes they miss her too. The Red Queen of the Divas Division is coming back extremely soon, but for now it’s time to go watch her show. She blows a kiss, and says she’ll see us soon.

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WWE NXT Results: October 21st, 2015


Following up from last week, we see another video post card from Eva Marie. She says that she’s still on vacation in Paris, soaking up the culture. The audience knows what she’s talking about… or maybe they don’t. But she wants to give the NXT Universe all a present – her! She really hopes they all miss her, because she misses them, and she hopes they don’t forget about her. She says she’ll see the NXT Universe soon and blows a kiss.

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WWE NXT Results: October 14th, 2015


Eva Marie cuts a promo, sending the NXT universe a video post card from Paris, France. She tells us she is sorry she couldn’t be there at the NXT arena tonight. After all of her grueling matches she decided she needed to take some “me time” in Paris. She says that she misses the NXT Universe, and she hopes they miss her, but she will be back soon. She blows a kiss to the camera and the promo ends.

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WWE NXT Results: September 23rd, 2015


The commentators take a moment to look back at the controversy created by Eva Marie’s last match. We get an old school promo clip where Eva Marie thanks the referee for not giving into the bias opinion of the crowd, for recognizing her shoulders were off the mat.
Eva Marie vs. Carmella
Carmella goes right after Eva Marie. She throws Eva Marie to the outside and taunts her with a moonwalk. Upon Eva Marie’s return to the ring, she goes for a quick pin, receiving a 1 count. Eva knees Carmella hard and suplexes her for a 2 count. Eva drags Carmella by the hair to the corner and drives her head into the turnbuckle a few times. She elbows her and then delivers a big boot, knocking Carmella down for a 2 count. As she grabs Carmella’s hair again, she yells “How you doin?!” Another suplex and another 2 count.
Eva Marie goes for another suplex, but Carmella stops it and rolls up for a 1 count. Eva slows things down with an arm stretch submission. The crowd is shouting for Carmella, and she manages to get to her feet and deliver a hurricanrana off the turnbuckle. Lou Thesz press…and another one. Staten Island shuffle, followed by a spear on Eva into the corner. Eva’s face meets Carmella’s boot on the top turnbuckle, and we have a… what should have been a 3 count but the referee refrains from calling the pinfall. He says Eva Marie had her foot on the rope. Carmella can’t believe it. She tries to grab Eva but Eva throws her to the ramp, and Carmella lands awkwardly. The referee begins to count and Carmella doesn’t get up before the 10 count.
Winner: Eva Marie via countout.


Post match we see a replay that confirms Eva’s foot was on the rope, as she celebrates another win in NXT.