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Wednesday, September 2nd, 2015
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Eva Marie vs. Billie Kay
Eva Marie blows a kiss to the crowd and shortly after, the referee calls for the bell to be rung. The two lock up. Billie grabs Eva from behind. Eva elbows Billie and grabs her in a headlock. Towards the corner, Eva springboards off the ropes, jumps over a charging Billie, and then blows a kiss her way. She turns to the crowd, saying “All red every-…” and receives a high kick to the face from Billie. 2 count and we’re back to a headlock and then some hair pulling. Eva tackles Billie into the corner and meets her with a series of shoulder thrusts. She backs off and then hits her with three more. Out from the corner, Eva suplexes Billie and covers her for a 1 count.
Submission time: Eva has Billie in a modified abdominal stretch on the mat. She yells fiercely. Billie rolls up Eva to break out of the submission for a quick 1 count and backs into the corner, holding her ribs. She runs into the corner, throwing her hips at her opponent’s mid-section. The two leave the corner and Eva hits Billie with a clothesline. She blows her another kiss, runs off the ropes and hits a jumping senton splash, staying for a 2 count pin. She tries again and only gets 2, and we’re back to the abdominal stretch, which also affects Billie’s right arm. Billie manages to stand up and, with noticeable effort arm drags Eva to the mat. Eva gets up and Billie hits her with 1, then 2 clotheslines. She grapples her and executes a suplex for a very close 2 count. The crowd boos as Eva retreats to the corner. Billie meets her there and receives a few elbows to the face which stun her enough that Eva can prepare for Sliced Red. Eva Marie succeeds with her finisher and pins Billie for the win.
Winner: Eva Marie
She poses for the fans, pointing to her waist where a championship belt should be.


Wednesday, August 26th, 2015
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Eva Marie vs Carmella
Eva flips out of an arm bar by Carmella. Carmella responds by taking Eva down, then moonwalking across the ring. Atomic drop by Carmella sends Eva hopping across the ring in pain. Eva responds with a corner elbow, a running elbow than a running senton for a two count. Eva locks in a seated abdominal stretch. Carmella gets to her feet and hip tosses Eva over. She hits a couple of Lou Thesz Presses and hits a rope aided Hurricanrana. She hits Eva with the rope hung boot and a mat slam, but only gets a two count. Eva reverses a move, and hits Sliced Red #2 for the win.
Winner: Eva Marie

Post match Eva celebrates and lets the crowd know she wants the NXT Women’s Championship.


Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
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Devin Taylor is backstage with Eva Marie. Devin congratulates Eva on her victory in her return last week. Eva says she’s so excited – it proves that all her hard work is paying off. But it’s really just the beginning. She’s going for what she wants, which is the NXT Women’s Championship title. So Sasha Banks better watch out.

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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015
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We head backstage to Eva Marie who is all dressed up for her NXT debut tonight. Eva thanks William Regal for giving her the opportunity, and claims that she’s spent the last several months putting in her “blood, sweat and tears” training in the ring.
Eva Marie vs. Cassie
Eva has new ring gear and a red robe. Cassie gets a few shots in out of the corner, but Eva takes her down with a suplex. She goes into a seated abdominal stretch. A few people break out an “Eva” chant as Eva hits a corner elbow, a big boot and a senton for a close two count. Cassie rebounds with a bunch of impressive looking kicks. Eva regains control and throws her into the second rope, then hits Sliced Bread #2 for the victory.
Winner: Eva Marie