WWE NXT Results – November 18th, 2015


After a successful title defense against Alexa Bliss, Bayley is celebrating in the ring when Eva Marie’s music hits. Eva enter to a chorus of boos, but takes the time to rile up the crowd and taunt and pose them. She says that she came out here, because she had to let everyone know-… the crowd’s boos interrupt Eva, so she taunts them some more. The booing continues, and Eva tells the crowd to be quiet, calling them dorks. She encourages the boos, as she says obviously, the inevitable is happening, before telling the crowd to be quiet again. They continue to boo and jeer Eva, but she says that next week Bayley will defend the Women’s Championship title in a one on one match… against Eva! Bayley raises her title as Eva says she can’t wait. Eva motions for the title, before leaving the ring and blowing a kiss at Bayley as the show ends.

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WWE NXT Results – November 11th, 2015

We see NXT Diva Nia Jax walking backstage. She is stopped by Eva Marie, who says that Nia is dominating and looks amazing. Nia asks Eva if she expects anything less? Eva says she’s thinking of some arrangement between herself and Nia. Nia asks what Eva means, and Eva spots the cameras, asking Nia to talk more in private. They go out of the earshot of the cameras and continue their conversation as the scene ends.

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WWE NXT Results: November 4th, 2015


We’re back in the arena and Eva Marie’s music hits. The commentary team note that she’s back from her vacation in Paris, as she makes her entrance. Her opponent tonight is NXT’s newest Diva Marley.
Eva Marie vs. Marley
The two lock up, and Eva takes Marley over, taunting the crowd. She flips her hair in Marley’s face, so Marley pushes Eva over. Eva runs for Marley but Marley hits a bridging evasion, then a sit out hip toss. Eva takes advantage, working over Marley’s arm on the ropes. Eva hits a snap suplex and floats over for a two count.
Eva locks in an armbar, but Marley fights back with an enziguiri. Marley hits a set of dropkicks, and a falling DDT. Eva takes some time in the corner, and Marley runs for her, but Eva hits Marley with a big boot. Eva measures Marley, and runs, hitting a flatliner to the kneeling Marley. She pins, for the 1 2 3.
Winner: Eva Marie
Eva celebrates her win, taunting the fans, going up on the ropes, telling the fans she wants the NXT Women’s Title.


WWE NXT Results: October 28th, 2015

For the third week running, we have a video of Eva Marie in Paris, outside Moulin Rouge. She greets the NXT Universe and says her trip in Paris is winding down. She misses the NXT Universe so much, and she really hopes they miss her too. The Red Queen of the Divas Division is coming back extremely soon, but for now it’s time to go watch her show. She blows a kiss, and says she’ll see us soon.

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