Natalie Eva Marie On Possible WWE Return

Editor-in-Chief Ryan Satin is joined by Natalie Eva Marie as they discuss the ex-WWE star having “unfinished business” in the ring, acting with Nicolas Cage, being criticized by fans and more. 

On having unfinished business in WWE:

“I feel like I do have unfinished business there. Ultimately, everyone — I think it would be silly if you didn’t say this — but, you know, you want the title.”

“And I feel right when I left, I was just about to arrive. So that is something still in me. No, I will not be appearing at Evolution. But … that doesn’t say that I won’t be appearing later on.”

“They need ‘All Red Everything’ to come back and spice things up.”

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Natalie ‘Eva Marie’ Coyle on the Building of a Global Brand

LOS ANGELES — Natalie “Eva Marie” Coyle’s hair, an electric shade of purple, serves as a handy beacon as she leads a speedy tour of her company, NEM Fashion, in Santa Ana. It would be hard to mistake the former pro wrestler for a shrinking violet.

Coyle is as competitive as she is impatient as she aims to build a global brand via multiple channels under NEM Fashion, which she oversees as chief executive, along with husband Jonathan Coyle, chief financial officer, and the company’s third owner and cofounder Janet Tran, who is chief operating officer.

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Natalie Eva Marie (née Nelson) just wanted to play soccer. She never envisioned her life as WWE personality-turned-silver-screen star or having the opportunity to be mentored by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Yet, she’s here.

Marie’s plans started to shift in 2002, her senior year of high school, when she suffered an ankle injury, which threatened to derail her soccer career. She was determined to prove everyone wrong who told her she wouldn’t play again.

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