WWE NXT Results – November 18th, 2015


After a successful title defense against Alexa Bliss, Bayley is celebrating in the ring when Eva Marie’s music hits. Eva enter to a chorus of boos, but takes the time to rile up the crowd and taunt and pose them. She says that she came out here, because she had to let everyone know-… the crowd’s boos interrupt Eva, so she taunts them some more. The booing continues, and Eva tells the crowd to be quiet, calling them dorks. She encourages the boos, as she says obviously, the inevitable is happening, before telling the crowd to be quiet again. They continue to boo and jeer Eva, but she says that next week Bayley will defend the Women’s Championship title in a one on one match… against Eva! Bayley raises her title as Eva says she can’t wait. Eva motions for the title, before leaving the ring and blowing a kiss at Bayley as the show ends.

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