Total Divas Recap – Season Four: Episode #7 (No Holds Barre)


Back in California, Eva Marie is still working hard with Brian Kendrick. With her return to the ring coming shortly, she wants to pick a finisher. She toys with the idea of using trainer Brian Kendrick’s old Sliced Bread No. 2, aka “The Kendrick” in tribute. Kendrick says it is possible and he knows she could do it.
Back home, Eva searches up the Sliced Bread No. 2, but Jonathan thinks it’s too dangerous. He says he knows Eva is willing to work hard, but he doesn’t want her to die or get injured. Later in the show, Eva goes shopping with Ariane. Ariane tells Eva that the other Divas were trash talking her. Eva says it only makes her want to get better even more and prove them wrong.
Eva appears at an NXT taping and gets a bad reaction from the crowd. This only spurs her on, and she decides to adopt Brian’s move after all to show how hard she is ready to work. She completes the maneuver perfectly in Kendrick’s gym and decides it’s the move for her.

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