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Birth Name: Natalie Eva Marie
From: Concord, California
Ring Name: Eva Marie

Eva Marie is a woman who epitomizes hard work & determination. After graduating from California State University, she turned her hand to a successful stint in modelling before her athleticism & beauty led to her being hand-picked by the WWE. Her fiery red hair mixed with her Mexican & Italian heritage make for an electric combination, with the WWE’s newest Diva being here to make an impact.
August 17th, 2014 x Power Rankings: August 16th, 2014

Rank Eva Marie Description Previously 25 Not one, but two big victories over Divas Champion…

August 16th, 2014 x Friday Night SmackDown Results – August 15th, 2014

Eva Marie vs AJ Lee Eva takes AJ down and piefaces her, then AJ slams…

August 13th, 2014 x Friday Night SmackDown Spoilers – August 15th, 2014

Eva Marie will be in action on Smackdown this Friday. Click show to reveal the…

August 12th, 2014 x Monday Night RAW Results – August 11th, 2014

Eva Marie vs. AJ Lee Back from the break and Eva Marie is waiting in…

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Rank Eva Marie Description Previously


Not one, but two big victories over Divas Champion AJ Lee lands Eva Marie at No. 25 on the rankings.


Eva Marie vs AJ Lee

Eva takes AJ down and piefaces her, then AJ slams her down on the mat and follows with a neckbreaker for two. AJ tears out some of Eva’s extensions, then she slams her on the mat, but Paige interrupts before she can make a cover. Paige skips around the ring but AJ dives on her and beats the hell out of her, then she whips her into the barricade and repeatedly slams her head into it. AJ fails to make it back in and the ref counts her out, then Paige gets back up and hits AJ with a Paige Turner before taunting her.

Winner (by countout): Eva Marie


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Eva Marie will be in action on Smackdown this Friday. Click show to reveal the spoilers.

Show »

Eva Marie defeated AJ Lee by count out when AJ chased after Paige who was taunting her. Paige ends up beating AJ down in the ring and skipping away.

Eva Marie vs. AJ Lee

Back from the break and Eva Marie is waiting in the ring. We get a look back at SmackDown two weeks ago where Paige shoved AJ off the stage. They lock up and trade holds. AJ takes Eva down with a headlock. The music hits and out comes Paige.

Paige skips down the ramp and around the ring while her music plays, distracting AJ. Eva comes from behind with a roll up for the win.

Winner: Eva Marie

Paige speaks from the stage after the match. She recites a poem about pushing AJ off the stage, saying AJ has the face she wants to punch. Paige says she’s going to be skipping her way out of SummerSlam with the Divas Title. AJ goes out to ringside and grabs Eva, who is trying to get up. AJ slams her face into the floor and the announcers table. AJ rams Eva into the apron and mounts her with strikes. AJ tosses Eva into the barrier. AJ grabs her title and skips around the ring before heading to the back.

Later during the show Eva was seen with the rest of the WWE roster for Hulk Hogan’s birthday celebration.


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When season one of Total Divas landed in the UK, so did the mighty Eva Marie. We spoke to the flame-haired beauty about rivals, tantrums and her love life.

From the show the Total Divas rivalry looks really authentic. Who do you see as your biggest rival?

In season one my biggest rival is Nikki Bella. The Bella twins have been established in WWE for a while, so I had to come in and let them know that Eva Marie is here to stay and I definitely ruffled some feathers.

What’s your top tip for getting your Total Divas body confidence?

I would say, for me, it’s all about being confident with yourself and in your own skin. I try to work out and break a sweat every day as well as eat as healthily as I possibly can, just so that I can feel confident within myself. That’s really all that matters.

Season One has just started in the UK but we hear you become more popular as the season progresses, can you tell us how that affected you?

We’re in season three over here in the US so to me it’s a dream. When I first came in – given that I’m the newest Diva – I had to make a statement really quickly. You have to as a WWE Diva, you have to stand out in some way and I definitely did that fully fledged by dyeing my hair red. I made a statement really quick and what’s awesome about the show is that yes we all have a bit of rivalry, as mentioned I definitely ruffled the Bella twin’s feathers a little bit, but you’ll get to see the growth not only in our professional life but also our personal life.

You mentioned the moment when you dyed your hair red, can you ever imagine going blonde? We certainly couldn’t imagine it.

You know what I don’t think I could ever go blonde. It’s not me, plus Natalya is blonde so I definitely want to stay away from that. There’s only one redhead and that’s me. That’s how it should be.

Eva Marie vs. Bayley

Eva hits the ring. Eva goes into a headlock and we get a “Bayley’s gonna hug you” chant. Bayley goes on the offense hitting her with a Thesz Press and a roll-up, but Eva counters by throwing herself backwards. She locks in a back stretch and begins stomping away on Bayley’s back. Eva with a vertical suplex for a two-count. Lots of anti-Eva chants from beginning to end. Bayley with a small package for two, and Bayley spears her and starts firing off with right hands. She hits a splash in the corner, followed by the Bayley-to-Belly suplex for the win.

Winner: Bayley


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Have you always been a woman who likes to put on a show?

Absolutely! I am the youngest of three brothers so was constantly trying to upstage them all the time growing up, so that’s why being a WWE Diva is so fitting for me.

What is it about the world of WWE that appeals to you most?

Not only does being a professional athlete appeal to me but all of the outreach programmes we get to do. I never thought in a million years that I would get to experience working with the Special Olympics, I got to build a playground at WrestleMania for KaBOOM!, I’m involved in hired heroes which is another organization that’s so amazing and I get to speak to all of these veterans that were in the military.

My biggest Diva moment was truly getting to go to Afghanistan with three other Divas and Superstars, as well as Vince McMahon, to give my thanks to all of the military and what they do. What job do you get that level of fulfillment?

Can you walk us through your reaction when you signed for the WWE?

When I got the call I was in my car and I literally screamed and cried at the ceiling. I remember that moment as clear as day. Then I called my mum, as I was so ecstatic that I didn’t believe it was happening. I felt like I was in a dream.

It all happened so fast. I got the call on the Saturday and then I was on the plane to New York for WrestleMania on the Monday. My life just changed that quickly.

Do you find it fun playing a bad girl?

Absolutely, everyone loves a bad girl! To me that’s what’s amazing about being a WWE Diva in that you get to be whatever character you want to be and for me being a bad girl is the easiest.

FORGET the Kardashians – there’s a new group of reality TV divas in town, and they aren’t afraid to get down and dirty.

Total Divas has made its UK debut on E!, and the feisty stars make their channel buddies look like damsels in distress in comparison.

The show follows the Divas of the WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), a group of ladies that can do everything stars like Triple H and John Cena can – but with a full face of make-up, perfectly coiffed hair and incredibly binding outfits.

One of the show’s fieriest stars, Eva Marie, told the Daily Star Online: “It’s the first look for people to get a sneak peek into the lives of the WWE Divas. You get to see all the backstage action, all the stuff from Wrestlemania, which is like the Super Bowl of wrestling, and get a look into our personal lives as well.”

The flame-haired 29-year-old is one of the new Divas that joins more established pros like the Bella Twins on the show, but doesn’t shrink into the shadows when she arrives.